Home Inspection Princeton, WV

Hiring home inspectors that aren’t certified is as good as hiring someone to just walk around your home with you. As certified, licensed, and bonded inspectors That Place Home Inspection provides residents of Princeton WV with reliable knowledge that’s beneficial when deciding on a large purchase such as a new home. With over two decades in the home business, we have a passion for all aspects of homes – selling, buying, renovating, and remodeling. As your home inspectors, we bring our years of experience and training to help make your decision process as stress fee as possible.

Home Inspection/Certified Home Inspector

Your home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the home. Not only will your inspection be completed by one certified inspector, but we provide 2 inspectors during our inspections. We invite you to join us to learn first-hand about the property. Following Standards of Practice, we spend approximately 2 hours on each inspection. We are happy to answer any questions during the inspection as we review all areas of the interior and exterior of the property. We will closely review everything from the roof to foundation. No areas or major appliances will go unchecked.  After each inspection, you will receive a report with all our findings clearly explaining any issues we discovered. Even if you can’t join us, after you receive your report, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.